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Squid surfer cable problem

Date Posted:

Sunday 18th August 2013


Squid surfer at Legoland Windsor resort looks set to be running at half capacity for a while! Today during our visit to the park we we’re queueing up for Squid surfer where whilst queueing we heard a loud noise which we didn't know what was going on, however after a few queue line announcements it was clear the ride was experiencing “technical difficulties.” However the ride was then up and running in around ten minutes but with the queue moving at half the speed it was before the ride broke down. When approaching the station it was clear that the left hand side was the only side now operational as the cable which runs around the top of the ride had become lose and looks to have expanded or come lose somewhere along the line. The queue line was closed with the area being closed for the rest of the evening however nothing more is known about the issue. 

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