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Scarefest Information

Date Posted:

Tuesday 31st August 2010


Halloween is coming and the parks are pulling out all of the stops this year. With the addition of Thirteen this years halloween event Scarefest is going to be the spookiest one yet! Will you be able to handle Nemesis in the dark? This year we see an old favourite come back to Alton Towers dare you go alone? This years Halloween horror maze attraction line up is as followed:

Trick or Treat Doors:

Come join Millie, Molly and Meg the witches for trick or treat doors what one will you get a trick or a treat?

Skelvins Haunted Adventure:

Join skelvin and his friends as he takes over the old haunted house watch out there might be a few surprises in store!

Boiler House:

Enter the house at your own risk! Dare you come into the house with a cereal killer lose in it? Dare you risk falling victim to them? Only the brave will survive in this blood-filled attraction.

Terror Of The Terrors:

What Lies Within: Dare you adventure into the towers when it gets dark? Some people have heard nosiness coming from within the towers; will you be able to survive the towers when it gets dark? Only time will tell!

Carnival Of Screams:

New for 2010 this attraction will be the fright of your life! The cirrus has come down to Alton towers; you will wish that this terrifying cirrus troop had never turned up after you watch them!

Scare Room's:

Making a scary return for 2010. Only the bravest should book into these rooms, and sleeping is sticky prohibited. Bumps in the night are guaranteed and scares will come from strange places!

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