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Scarefest 2018 Line Up

Date Posted:

Thursday 12th July 2018


Alton Towers has today announced the line up for Scarefest 2018. Running from 6th - 7th, 13th - 14th, 19th October - 2nd November 2018. Scarefest is back and has more spine-tingling terrors than ever before! This years line up see’s the park drop the famous maze, Terror of the Towers. 

New for 2018, Project 42 is a scare maze which looks set to be located in the old Nemesis Sub Terra Building. Nothing else is known about the attraction yet. 

Making a return for 2018:
Sub Species - The End Games
Altonville Mine Tours
The Welcoming: Be Chosen
House of Monsters

Galactica Airways - Meet the AI air cabin crew of Galactica airways, always at your service whether you like it or not.
Ghost Pirates - This motley crew of pirate wash-ups have followed the sound of the siren all the way to Mutiny Bay.
The Towers Gothic ruins are rumoured to be home to a number of supernatural forces – do you get the feeling somebody’s watching from the windows?

Prices for the mazes are: 
£20 for Project 42, Sub Species - The End Games and Altonville Mine Tours.
£8 for The Welcoming. 

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