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Saw Alive Fire

Date Posted:

Saturday 9th April 2011


On Tuesday 5th April 2011 a minor fire broke out in the saw alive ride at Thorpe Park which is located on the old Thorpe Park belle. Thorpe Parks released the following statement after the event had happened: "On Tuesday 5th April 2011 at 7:47pm, after Thorpe Park had closed to guests a minor fire broke out in the Saw Alive horror maze." Our well rehearsed emergency procedures were immediately put into operation. The emergency services were called at 7:51pm with two fire vehicles on site within 5 minuets and the first was brought under control very quickly." Now as the ride has had a fire it would mean that some of the ride is going to be quite badly effected e.g. some of the themeing being burnt and some of the maze needing to be re painted and stuff like that. However the Thorpe Park website is saying, "Saw Alive is closed at the mo, but dont worry it will be back soon in all it's awesomeness!" could this mean that the fire wasn't has bad as everyone thinks it was? But if it wasn't that bad then it could of been put out using a fire thing? We will keep you updated on this as we get the news!

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