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Room on the Broom New for 2019

Date Posted:

Wednesday 17th October 2018


Flying into Chessington Spring 2019, Room on the Broom will be replacing Hocus Pocus Hall. Opening in 2003 the old 4D attraction has become tired over the years and has been in need of a replacement. 

Discover our new spellbinding adventure, Room on the Broom - A Magical Journey, New for 2019! Experience the much-loved children’s story coming to life as you visit the enchanted library, the start of your magical journey...

The new attraction looks to be split into 4 sections. 

Stormy wind blows. Help the Witch as her hat, bow and wand are sent tumbling to the ground.

Meet your much-loved characters. Encounter the Dog, Bird and Frog on your journey.

Help to find the lost belongings. Search high and low in the trees, fields and reeds.

Watch out for a fearsome foe. Brave the Dragon, who fancies ‘Witch and chips’ for his tea!

More information about the new attraction can be found on the parks website.

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