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Rameses Revenge riders cut free after technical problems

Date Posted:

Sunday 16th June 2013


Over at Chessington World Of Adventures Rameses Revenge has had a incident causing the ride to stop mid air and go into lock down. We we’re on park all day and the ride had been having technical problem, some of which causing the ride to be stop half way through the cycle and being lowered down like any other brake down with the ride.

However tonights incident doesn't seem to be like any other the park has experienced with the ride, fire fighters and medical staff were called to the scene after 39 people became trapped on the ride. News websites are reporting that the ride restraints have had to be cut off therefore it could mean the ride is going to be down for the rest of the season?

Rider’s were apparently stuck for two hours before the London Fire brigade were called, however when we walked past the ride at numerous points in the day the ride was stuck and obviously having problems which then went on to be more serious tonight. The park are yet to give more information on the status of the ride however the ride will almost definitely be out of action for the next few days whilst the park starts a internal investigation about what went wrong then decided if the ride is worth fixing. However the park might decide to get rid of the ride due to the ride getting on in its age now and starting to have a lot of down time. 

London fire brigade have said the following:

“Firefighters are assisting the trapped people down from the ride, which is around 12 feet above a walkway. We're cutting people out of their restraints, walking them down the ride and helping them down a ladder to ground level.

No injuries have been reported though a few people are understandably a bit uncomfortable as they've been stuck for some time. Firefighters are doing very well to get people down as quickly and safely as possible.”

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