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Oblivion suffers technical issues

Date Posted:

Friday 14th June 2013


The summer season is just starting to kick off and over at Alton Towers it looks like the park might be having problems with Oblivion and the rest of x sector. The Smiler opened on the 31st May 2013 after experiencing technical problems beyond the parks control, however since opening the ride has stalled 2 times during the park being open however no guests were on board during the stalling of the ride. 

In the past two days x sector seems to be having more problems than any other area of the park with Oblivion and Enterprise are currently down as well as The Smiler currently being down but planning to be back up in operation soon. Theres no official news from the park but The Smiler is currently being listed as closed on the main Alton Towers website. 

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