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Nemesis Crowned King!

Date Posted:

Tuesday 30th August 2011


On the 29th August 2011 Nemesis was officially crowned the king of coasters at alton towers. After 8 weeks of the public voting both online and at the resort the voting ended. After the 325,000 votes it was very clear that nemesis was going to win as if not there would of been out law on theme park websites and everywhere! But Nemesis emerged victorious with 41% of the votes followed by Oblivion (21%), Air (20%), Thirteen (10%) and Rita (8%). Nemesis was Europe's first inverted coaster when it launched in 1994 and was the oldest contender in the alton towers rollercoaster elections! And over 50 million people have ridden it since it opened. "Alton Towers Resort was designated the kingdom of Alton Towers resort for the day to celebrate and the ride was officially crowned with a giant floating crons. Riders wearing crowns marked the coronation."

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