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Mysterious smiley face

Date Posted:

Saturday 19th January 2013


Once again the theme parks are starting up there marketing for there new attractions for 2013. However Alton Towers has beaten everyone to it this year and has started the earliest they ever have in the middle of January, unlike the typical tv adverts which limits the audience to families and even then only people watching the adverts and popular tv channels will see them. This year the resort have taken to the more extreme and rather cool way of advertising there ride of spray painting the cheshire cat smile on sheep and broadcasting an image of it over the park during the busy sumer months and during there scarefest. The new ride is expected to open 16th March 2013 and is set to be another worlds first for the resort, in other news the park have recently projected the symbol in London in covent gardens and on the side of waterloo train station. We will try get you some close ups of the posters going up around the country when we can hunt them down.

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