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Merlin High Court Trespass Injunction

Date Posted:

Tuesday 26th June 2018


Merlin Entertainments the group behind Thorpe Park, Alton Towers etc has obtained a high court injunction in order to deter unauthorized access to any of its attractions. This comes after in the past few years some Youtuber’s and Urban Explores have broken into the park after hours and in some cases climbed up rollercoasters, putting themselves in danger and risking damaging private property. 

The High Court injunction currently names 3 individuals and unidentified associates, however from the Merlin Entertainments website its hoped that this injunction will deter any future trespassing. 

Signs warning about this injunction have been added to the front of Thorpe Park and Legoland Windsor, we suspect more will be added to other parks over the next few days. 

More information and High Court injunction can be found on the Merlin Entertainments website: 

“Following several instances of repeated and reckless trespass at some of its properties, Merlin Entertainments Group were granted an injunction at the High Court of Justice in London on 30th May 2018.

In respect of it properties within England and Wales, the injunction applies to the three named individuals on the Court Order, together with those who trespassed with them but remain unidentified, as well as any person that may attempt to trespass in the future.

The three named individuals, and those unidentified associates, are also forbidden from entering any of Merlin Entertainments’ properties worldwide without written prior permission.” 

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