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Legoland Hotel Extension Approved

Date Posted:

Friday 8th January 2016


Posted on various local news websites today, Legoland Windsor has been given the go ahead for the castle themed hotel extension. According to the websites “The application was unanimously approved by the Windsor Urban Development Panel, much to the delight of the Legoland staff who attended the meeting at Windsor Guildhall.”

The hotel extension will add 59 extra rooms to the hotels line up. The extension will be connected to the existing hotel via a bridge walkway. This appears to be a step in the right direction for the park. With the plans for the ghost haunted house ride approved a few weeks ago it appears the park has finally got the council on their side. 

It would also appear that the council wants to work with the park in the future to help plan out guidelines for future developments. “At the meeting, the borough’s planning manager Jenifer Jackson revealed that she would soon be meeting representatives from Merlin Entertainments, the company behind Legoland, to discuss future plans.”

However fears that the park will keep drawing in bigger crowds is still an issue for local residents. 

“Major concern at Wednesday’s meeting was expressed by Windsor resident Vivienne Allen.

Mrs Allen said that traffic to Legoland had increased massively as the theme added new attractions, leading to air pollution becoming a major problem around the St Leonard’s Road,/Imperial Road areas. She said the company had failed to come up with a travel plan in the past.”

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