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Jack Osbourne hired as director of fear

Alton Towers
Thursday 3rd November 2011
Nemesis Sub Terra Construction
Jack Osbourne has been spotted around the Alton Towers Resort and now we all know why, Alton Towers has now confirmed that Jack Osbourne has been hired as  Alton Towers new director of fear. He has been hired to help out with the new nemesis ride which is due to open on march 24th 2012 the most terrifying ride at  Alton Towers  to date. Over the past week he has been settling into his new role as "Director of Dear" by working alongside the  Alton Towers Resort fear experts to develop the concept for the attraction and  Alton Towers  have said, "He is already talking about putting a heart rate monitor at the attraction's exit to record just how scary it is." Now to us it really does seem like Alton Towers are pulling out all of the stops with this new ride. There has also been a video made to make this first important stage of designing the ride and promoting the new ride for the new season which can be found below:


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