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Howl’O’Ween Event Details

Date Posted:

Thursday 18th September 2014


Starting Friday 24th October 2014 Chessington is launching its rebranded halloween event called “Howl’O’Ween” Previously known as Halloween Hocus Pocus the event will play host to 2 scare mazes and 2 brand new shows for 2014. The park will be open until 8pm for rides in the dark, a fancy dress competition and scares and jumps in the dark. 

Vampire The Haunting In The Hollows: 

Back by popular demand the haunting in the hollows is back for its 3rd year. Go back in time to 1897 in Transylvania  where you explore a village called Black Hollow, walk through grave yards and encounter the castle of count Dracula a walk through horror maze bound to put you on edge.  

The Mystery of Hocus Pocus Hall: 

Adventures brave enough to enter the house of Sir Arthur will come face to face with trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Sir Arthur and why he vanished without a trace. Journey through the mansion and discover his priceless collection of antiques  that seem of have powers all of there own. Is it a strange and powerful curse or just a load of hocus pocus? 

New for 2014:

Howl’O’Ween brings two new shows to the event one being in Market Square which is being advertised as “an all singing, all dancing performance” Adventures get to pick there favourite performer, which sounds like a Howl’O’Ween themed X Factor show. The Wild Factor stage in Land Of The Dragons has a meet and greet with some hairy and scary friends for younger adventures. 

If visiting the park with younger adventures theres a fancy dress competition with prizes up for grabs! For more information about the event please visit 

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