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Frights Nights Information

Date Posted:

Tuesday 31st August 2010


Halloween is coming and Thorpe Park are planning to make it the most scariest halloween event ever. The park is open from 10am till 10pm like other Fright Nights events and this years like up has grown to be the most attractions the park has ever set out to do for halloween. If you are a standard pass holder you need to pay an extra fee to enter the event however if not then you can enjoy to your hearts content! This years mazes line up is:

Terror Zone:

A new attraction for the 2010 fright nightline up, where an area of the park will become a horror themed zone.

Saw - Movie Bites:

This event is going to be held in the time voyagers and small clips of the saw film traps will be shown.

The Asylum:

A classic Thorpe park horror maze themed around a mettle hospital.


Another old Thorpe park classic horror maze where it is themed around a stately house.


A gruesome maze based on the seven deadly sins.

The Curse:

Another classic horror maze themed around an old shipwreck.

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