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Continued Technical Issues At Thorpe Park

Date Posted:

Tuesday 11th April 2017


The theme park season is fully underway at Thorpe Park with DBGT Rise Of The Demon now open. Or has it? It would appear a few rides at the park are still having a lot of issues. With slammer yet to open this year its not looking good, looking back at the rides reputation it will open for a few months then close again with yet more technical issues. 


Stealth appears to be going through yet more issues with the ride. Whilst on park on Saturday we saw two trains having issues getting into the station with engineers having to jog the train back into station two. One of which with us on it. However today whilst on park, we noticed the park have started fully up parts of the platform on the station and have lifting device on the platform. Its not looking good for Stealth, hopefully these issues will be resolved ASAP. 

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