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Chessington to get park wide WIFI

Date Posted:

Sunday 7th April 2013


The 2013 theme park season is now in full swing and the parks are doing their best to get everything back up and running as well as adding some more features into the park it seems! Dragon falls has finally reopened following its pumps being changed over the closed season along with the old themeing taken down due to the makeover that it will be undergoing during the 2014 closed season.

Earlier last year we reported about Alton Towers getting park wide wifi and now Thorpe Park are currently undergoing the setting up of there system. However it looks like Chessington could be getting the same set up of park wide wifi, if you've ever visited the park before then you will know how patchy the internet can be in certain places. Theres no official word from Chessington yet but as the screen shot shows below it might happen you never know.

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