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Cbeebies Land micro site

Date Posted:

Monday 6th January 2014


On May 24th 2014 Alton Towers will open CBeebies Land new for 2014 a full retime of the story book area and the Old McDonalds Farm land. For the past few days the park have been releasing more and more information about the area but finally the cbeebies land mini site has been updated to show all of the re-themed rides and experiences. On the homepage of the website it says the following:

Click here to goto the CBeebies land mini site.

“In May 2014, Alton Towers Resort will launch the first ever CBeebies Land. Home to a range of unique themed rides, attractions and live entertainment, CBeebies Land will be a completely immersive experience for children and young families to create new experiences and inspire learning through play.

For the first time, CBeebies viewers will be able to step right into their world. A place that's full of nourishing, real adventures. Come and play…”

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