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Alton Towers 2012 ride

Date Posted:

Thursday 1st September 2011


Over the last couple of days Alton Towers have been uploading more and more information about there brand new 2012 ride onto their local council website to be put though the system and we have been waiting for the plans to be put online so we could give you a detailed update! Now this new 2012 ride is going to be located in the forbidden valley area right where the Lava Lump and body zorbing attraction are located currently. Also this area used to house the Dynamo ride which also got removed many years ago. The plan's that we can currently see show us that a new building is going to housed on the land behind the current Body Zorbing attractions.  The contents of the building is currently unknown but there appear to be pre-show areas for the ride which could mean a new type of ride! This attraction will follow the same theme of the rest of the forbidden valley land / military / industrial theme. Now on the plan's we can see this ride is going to have a shop just like the thirteen one eg housed in a storage container. 

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