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2017 Ride Line Up Revealed

Date Posted:

Monday 16th January 2017


Alton Towers have updated their website today with information about the 2017 theme park season. The main news is about Hex reopening after the ride being closed for the 2016 season. The ride was closed for refurbishment last year and slowly but surely updates that have been done to the ride are coming through over at the Towers Loving Care Twitter feed. 

Driving School will also be making a return this year, no longer called Driving School the ride is now called Cuckoo Cars Driving School. With what we expect with just be a repaint of the area and refurbished cars the ride will open up the area once again. 

However its not all good news. 2017 will see the following rides and attractions shut. Twirling Toadstool, Ice Age 4D, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Wobble World and Nemesis Sub Terra. 

Although Hex and Cuckoo Cars Driving School have reopened 2017 will have the same amount of rides closed as 2016 did. However with Hex reopen a lot of theme park fans are happy.

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