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2012 Thorpe Park Map Released

Date Posted:

Tuesday 14th February 2012


Today we see the release of the brand new Thorpe park 2012 map including the brand new ride THE SWARM new for 2012. However this is not the only change to the Thorpe Park map, as you may know last year we lost the Canada creek railway lasting 22 years! But this was not the only change Thorpe Park has done for the new season, Time Voyagers the old 4D cinema is not on this years map meaning that last year could have been the last for the ride. Also one huge change to this years line up is that Saw Alive is going to be shut at some times throughout the year on the map the park have said. “Please note SAW Alive will only be open on selected dates throughout the year” its currently unknown if this is going to be on weekdays and weekends but it will most likely be weekdays due to the amount of people that don’t go on the ride during the week. Anyway that is it for the big changes to the map there are a few other little changes on the map like new eating places and new games units here and there! Look below for the map:

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