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Thorpe Park Closed Season Insight

Date Posted:

Sunday 30th December 2018


2 months into the closed season some of the TPG team decided to take a drive down to Thorpe Park and check out some of the work going on behind closed doors. For the first time ever the park has been releasing videos of some of the work happening inside, such as Saw The Ride getting jet washed and the Nemesis Inferno chain being removed. 

For the past few years rumours of Loggers Leap reopening or getting work done to it pop up every closed season. Since the ride shut in 2015 no work appears to have been done to the ride. Although next year is the parks 40th anniversary and would be Loggers Leap’s 30th year of being operational we just don’t see the ride ever reopening. Lights on the lift hill for the ride can be seen turned on in photos and appear to be permanently turned on. Driving down the M3 at night all rollercoasters have the lights on the lift hills turn on. 

Around the rest of the park that can be seen from Monks Walk, Vortex is currently undergoing maintenance with the arms detached from the main pendulum swing. Zodiac is parked at a 45-degree angle with all cars removed. Colossus has scaffolding on a few supports providing easy access to hard to reach areas requiring work. 

In the video on Thorpe Parks Social Media channels the park talks about Nemesis Inferno having the lift hill chain motor and chain being replaced and removed in small sections. Nemesis Inferno also appears to have been jet washed over the past few weeks, moss that had gathered on sections of the track has now been removed. It is also evident the park is crack testing one of the supports on the zero-g-roll, also towards the exit of the ride scaffolding has started going up around the exit stairs. 

Across the rest of the park all of the Rumba Rapids boats have been removed and are lined up against the boundary fence. Rocky Express is ongoing maintenance with the centre of the ride outside the old Loggers Leap entrance. The Tea Cups have been removed from the spinning platform and are sat on their sides. It also appears work is going on at the swarm island, spotted on a photo the park re-shared, scaffolding can be seen in the ride station. Could 2019 be the year the swarm gets its roof beams theming back? 

But, most important of all…. Slammer still stands strong! 

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