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The Fabulous Scott Family Leave Alton Towers Resort

Date Posted:

Friday 13th April 2018


The Fabulous Scott Family have been performing at the Alton Towers Hotel since 2015, starting off with just two singers, Kitty and Grace. The group has since grown and today on the Facebook page for the group announced that this Sunday will be the last time the group will be performing together. From Halloween special performances to Christmas carols the group have rocked out the Alton Towers hotel for just over 4 years now.

The group have been amazing over the past few years and we look forward to seeing what they get up to when they leave the resort.

Posted on the Facebook Page for the group:

“Hey team! 
When Kit and Grace first got booked as 'the Scott sisters' in 2015, nothing could have prepared them for the whirlwind that would have happened. 
We have had, as a 4, the most glorious time performing on a pirate ship in Alton. We have laughed ALOT, sang uptown funk 89356 times, and we can wholeheartedly say we have never been on time, ever. 
However, all fabulous things must come to an end....or rather....jump ship!
We have had the best time as the Fabulous Scott family, but it's time for us to move on! 
We will be staying as a group, however soon we will no longer be residing at Alton Towers, under the umbrella of 'The Fabulous Scott family'. Our last night as a 4 on the ship being this coming Sunday! 
This has NOT been an easy decision to make. We cannot stress to you enough how much we love performing on the ship for you lovely lovely people, and we will miss it desperately, but we are scared and terribly excited for what the future holds.

So.....we are still very much aren't getting rid of us that easily! This page will be under going a little transformation, and we are passionate about the future together. We'll be posting regularly and updating everyone on our new venture into the big wide world - still as a family....just not as you know it!

Ultimately, we want to say Thankyou to you for your total support over our time here! If you no longer want to follow our next chapter away from Alton Towers then we totally understand! 
There is as always the official Alton Towers page on Facebook, if you'd like to keep up to date with their entertainment. Also keep an eye out for any new Scott family pages, as we're sure the new family will create their own page!

However if you did want to stick around and see what happens then keep an eye on us, we will keep you totally in the loop the whole way through!

Lots of love ????”

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