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Welcome to Fear Friday - Introduction

Date Posted:

Friday 23rd September 2016


The hour has come, the hour is nigh, Scream Park Guide will come out tonight.

Scream Park Guide is here for Halloween. We have transformed and are ready to be unleashed onto the UK Scare events.this year. We will be here with live coverage and frequent Facebook posts for those in the middle of nowhere!
But where are we visiting you may ask? See below for a full list of attractions we are visiting or looking into to visit(with dates if we have locked them down)
Xtreme Scream Park - 07/10/16
Alton Towers Scarefest - 08/10/16
Burton Screamfest - 13/10/16
Xtreme Scream Park - 21/10/16
UK Escape Games - 21/10/16
Warwick Castle’s Haunted Castle - Potentially 23/10/16
Doncaster Fear Factory - 26/10/16
Thorpe Park Fright Nights - 29/10/16
Chessington Howl’o’ween - 30/10/16
Twisted Attraction Goes Country - Potentially
And after all that we are introducing Fear Fridays, A roundup of news and a collation of reviews from visited parks and attractions. To reiterate, this year is set to be bigger and better than ever, with more Live updates than ever before through our facebook page or our fantastic newly improved LIVE system. Including something that might be bringing fears to your ears (take that as you will!)

And although this was more for letting you know about where we were visiting there is one news story we thought we would share.Xtreme Scream Park Releases Park Map For 2016:
One of our favourite scare attractions, Xtreme Scream Park have released their map for 2016, providing insight to some new additions this year.
As you can see from the image, The map has a good design and from experiencing the map before, it’s pretty accurate. It’s fantastic the park have done a map this year as with the park being extremely dark with low lights it can be hard to navigate your way around, especially for for visitors.
The only slight issue with the map is that we cannot see the location for Twisted, the parks rather enjoyable curtains clown maze. This will probably be in the same location as last year. (In the grey building behind the cottage on the map)
New additions include:
- New stage at the back of the park (unsure of what will be on the stage, possibly the burlesque dancers),
- A form of zombie shooting arena at the back of the park,
- Music stage at the front of the park (previously used by the burlesque dancers)
All the mazes seem to be in the same location as last year according to the map, but its good to see the event looking a lot more inclusive with a lot of entertainment for those who buy the new ‘chicken’ tickets (at the price of £8.99) which gains you entrance to the event but not the mazes for those too scared and have been dragged along to the event.
And that rounds up the very first Fear Friday, we will be back every Friday from now until the end of the scare attractions (as some extend until the first week of November)

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