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The Year of The Walking Dead at Thorpe Park Resort

Date Posted:

Tuesday 6th February 2018


Calling all Survivors, Please head to the safe house immediately, the island has been taken over by Walkers.

This year at Thorpe Park, The Walking Dead take over the resort, after the successful debut during Fright Nights, Walkers are here to stay with a whole year of Walking Dead action. Throughout the year the park will be putting on various walking dead activities, which are as follows:

- Living Nightmare Extreme: The popular scare maze returns as frightening as ever throughout May half term.

- Apocalypse Weekends: On selected weekends throughout May and June, These weekends will involve challenges based on The Walking Dead, although not much is known as of yet.

- Zombie Hunt: For six weeks of summer, the zombie hunt takes place, however not much has been mentioned what this will entail.

- Summer Lates: This was already known as Thorpe Park has already released the 2018 park calendar, however, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in summer the park will be open later.

- Fright Nights featuring The Walking Dead: It seems the walkers are here to stay the entire season with the announcement that they will be returning to Fright Nights for 2018. This will probably involve the same line up of Living Nightmare and Sanctum.

There is also an unknown headliner for this year's event, which we presume will be the rumoured X retheme, this has not been announced as of yet but is almost certainly going to be this year's main selling point.

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