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Nemesis Sub Terra opens

Saturday 24th March 2012
All Merlin UK theme parks have now all fully reopened and today Nemesis Sub-Terra opens at Alton Towers Resort. Now we haven’t been on the ride so we can’t say anything about the ride as it might ruin the experience for you and we don’t want that to happen! The themeing in and around the ride looks great and we are hearing good things about the ride and bad things. A theme park group called towers nerd are reporting that effects are still yet to be added if this is true then the ride experience should be better by the end of next month at the latest where the park should have everything sorted and all of the technical problems all ironed out. Photo copyrighted to

Nemesis Sub Terra Don't Look Down

Wednesday 15th February 2012
The latest park PR stunt come from Alton Towers for there brand new ride for 2012 called Nemesis sub-terra. In this PR stunt we see people in a lift get tricked into thinking that the bottom of the lift has fell off and that there going to fall to there death! Alton Towers have said “Nemesis Sub-Terra is by far the most terrifying of our attractions to date and we really wanted to test the limits of the British public to see if they could cope with what it has in store.” Now with only 38 days left, it was only time until we saw a PR stunt from Alton Towers about there new ride! We shall keep you updated on Nemesis Sub-Terra when we get the news.

Sub Terra update

Wednesday 25th January 2012
Once again we have got a huge update for nemesis sub-terra, now the ride foundations have now been fully done and the ride has started to be inserted into the huge put that alton towers have made for the ride. Now the photos that we have got below show us a few things such as the fact that the ride is going to be a huge drop tower ride which could move depending on the ride type. Also in the photos below we see a photo of what could be the new station / box there making to host the ride starting to take shape. Now as you may know by now half term is going to be coming up in the next few weeks and nemesis is going to be open so we shall be able to get a up close look at the ride site and what is happening. We shall keep you up to date with this topic when we get the news so check back soon, photos copyright to alton towers.

Ride Name and Theme Announced

Saturday 31st December 2011
18:18 has now come and gone, and now we have more information about the brand new ride. Well lets get started, the name of the ride is going to be Nemesis Sub-Terra and the video that is below is the main theme of this ride. The video doesn't show much but it shows us the logo of this new ride and how the ride is going to be themed / what the story line of the ride is going to be.

Nemesis what lies beneath update

Thursday 8th December 2011
Its been a while since we got a nemesis what lies beneath update and now we have got a update from a fan. The foundations for the ride have now been made where we can see a huge hole being dug now it look like the rumours could be true and that we could be seeing a huge drop tower in there but with a bit of a difference like movie scenes as you go up then when you come down maybe meeting nemesis her self. Whatever happens the ride is going to be great im sure but the foundations for the ride do look huge as we have this big hole then a ditch next to the hole which could be used for a drop tower maybe?