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Visual construction complete!

Tuesday 25th October 2005
Visual construction may have stopped but work continues on the electrical components and launch system. The station is coming along well with the first hints of theming. Last photo shows the ride lit up nicely for Fright Nights.

Stealth - Top Hat Is Completed

Monday 26th September 2005
The peak of the Top Hat was constructed on the ground, and then the whole structure raised and bolted in to place. It was topped off in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Top Hat Half Complete

Wednesday 21st September 2005
The Top Hat is currently about half complete - there is still another hundred or so feet to go until it's topped off. Work continues on the maintenance tracks with the transfer turntables installed. The launch mechanism is still being lifted in, while the retracting magnetic brakes are now complete along the launch. Photo six shows the supports being pumped internally with sand, to quiet down the ride when in operation.

Magnetic Brakes and Top Hat Work

Monday 12th September 2005
Magnetic brakes are currently being installed on the launch track and airtime hill, while the Top Hat supports are erected. The transition from navy to white is not as smooth as people expected.

Airtime Hill Complete!

Friday 9th September 2005
In a matter of days the airtime hill has been fully erected. Next built will be the 205ft Top Hat, curve before station and maintenance track. Note in some of the pics the supports laying on the floor fade to a lighter blue colour.