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Ride Systems Testing

Monday 18th November 2002
The majority of the rides electronics have been connected, testing starts at the beginning of December.

station volcano work

Saturday 2nd November 2002
Work continues on the station volcano; the tunnel entrance and queue line area are now being covered. Red paving has has been laid starting under the lift, which is nice to see instead of tarmac.

Track Complete

Thursday 24th October 2002
The last piece of track was put in to place on the 18th October. Theming work continues on the station volcano, looks impressive already. Note that red bricks have arrived for paving the area

track going up at a fast rate

Sunday 13th October 2002
Once again the track has gone up at a fast rate, now complete up to the first helix. Station theming continues along with the delivery of the first train.

curving drop, vertical loop and zero-g roll complete

Thursday 26th September 2002
The curving drop, vertical loop and zero-g roll have been erected since my last visit. The station has also been covered, and the rockwork theming started.