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3 Days Till Opening Day

Wednesday 24th March 2004
With only three days left before opening, the frantic rush is on to get everything ready for the first guests.

Works on theming the area begins

Wednesday 3rd March 2004
Currently most of the work on Land of the Dragons is theming the area, with the two smaller rides installed shortly. Dragon's Fury is still going through its commissioning process before it's ridable.

Testing Begins

Thursday 19th February 2004
Land of the Dragons is really coming together now - with one tree house complete, and another going up shortly. Dragon's Fury made its first successful test run on 17th Feb, using a test car from Maurer Sohne that was also used to commission Spinball Whizzer at Alton Towers. This car had the spinning mechanism disabled. The coaster has very quick lifts and each block brake hardly slows down the cars at all. Should be a great ride.

Work continues

Tuesday 3rd February 2004
Work continues on the platforms of each block brake, and the first tree house is starting to rise. Last four pics show the great looking cars. Commissioning and ride testing start soon.

Track Complete!

Friday 16th January 2004
The last piece of track; the base of the first drop, was put in to place on the 14th January completing the circuit. New photos show the amazing first drop, which may surprise a few people due to the thrilling angle it descends. The playhouse is starting to come together with theming being put on to the sides.