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High Flyers Krewe

Chessington World Of Adventures
Mardi Gras

Full of sparks, sequins and strength, the High Flyers krewe in the Forbidden Kingdom will leave you in awe of the talent of the dancers. This krewe is made up of two sections a flash mob/dance routine and a trapeze artist who uses a hoop to hold herself in certain positions whilst spinning around and showing off her pure strength. 

Just like the other krewes around the park, a beautiful new structure has been built for the event but in the High Flyers krewe.  This could be a nice backdrop but we don't feel like this was needed as actors don't and can't climb to the top of it and perform. When the trapeze artist is showing off her strength, she does it to the side near the River Rafts ride entrance and when she's finished and changed, they then perform a dance routine in front of the High Flyers Krewe tower. Maybe it was due to it being the first day but we still really enjoyed this krewe, it's completely different to anything we've ever seen at the park. The costumes once again looked amazing. The best thing about this krewe was the music playing, if you're a musical theatre lover this is a must-visit krewe.