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Elmer's Colour Krewe

Chessington World Of Adventures
Mardi Gras

Join Elmer and friends in Adventure Point for a party where everyone is welcome! Featuring colourful costumes, dancing and party music such as Chocolate and RuPaul to name a few. Showtimes for this krewe are every half an hour, so no matter when you walk into this area you're always going to find something going on. We thoroughly loved this Krewe, the audience interaction was amazing and even if your pass through the area you see how much joy and energy this Krewe has. 

One thing we loved in this Krewe was the flags being waved to show everyone is welcome. At multiple points during the day and the performance, we saw cast members waving an LGBTQ+ flag. At first, we thought it was just a rainbow flag but this is a very nice touch and will certainly make everyone feel welcome at the park! A big step for UK theme parks! 

Possibly one of our favourite krewes at the event.