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Carnival Spectacle

Chessington World Of Adventures
Mardi Gras & Live Action Show

Carnival Spectacle is a brand new show choreographed by the park and is performed 3 times a day on the Mane Stage. The new show revolves around a jester and the krewes trying to impress the Lion King and Queen. 

Throughout the show, each krewe takes it in turns to perform, trying to impress the king and queen. At the end of each section, the krewes turn to the judges and when they disagree that they weren't impressed, they go to the back of the arena and observe the others before all coming together at the end for one final performance where they win the hearts of the king and queen. Featuring special effects such as sparks, smoke and bubbles this is a performance not to be missed. 

At the end of the performance before the final dance break, some of the dancers go backstage and grab handfuls of beads to give away to random people in the audience. We even saw some of the dancers giving away small bubble machines to guests in the audience! 

We thoroughly enjoyed Carnival Spectacle, the fact that not many words were spoken and it was all done through facial expressions and noises was really cool and made the show very unique. The music choices, costumes, makeup and the whole performance was amazing. 

The best show the park has ever choreographed and performed!